Who Am I?

The Bryanna Breakdown 

23 Things About 23-year-old Me


  1. I have been to nine countries, but still feel I have been nowhere because of the vast amount of places I have not been.
  2. I am beyond grateful for the experiences I have had so far.
  3. My greatest passions are teaching, reading, writing, travel, and music.
  4. I play the flute and the ukulele.
  5. I’m slightly afraid of seagulls and pigeons.
  6. I’m positively afraid of what could be in the dark.
  7. I have my Hogwarts letter.
  8. I would not mind it if the Doctor stopped in for a visit (or Sherlock, or the Avengers, or Spike, or the Winchester boys…)
  9. I try to be environmentally conscious, and love when organizations put in the effort to try as well.
  10. I hardly ever wear jeans, and I love jeggings, dresses and cardigans.  
  11. My past life was in the nineteenth century, and I am going to remarry my true love/husband (according to the psychic).
  12. My first crush was Darien from Sailor Moon.  My second crushes were David Bowie (The Labyrinth) and Harrison Ford.
  13. I hate when the volume is set on an odd number.
  14. Sarcasm is my favorite.  So is witty banter.
  15. I wish I could be a Pokemon trainer.  I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
  16. I enjoy bursting into song.  I especially like it when others join me.
  17. I have social anxiety, but travelling has helped.  A LOT.
  18. I actually enjoy classical music (along with indie, alt, jazz, pop, and pretty much everything else)
  19. love ice cream (but loathe chocolate ice cream).  I make it a point to try ice cream in every new place I travel to.
  20. I met and was spoken to by J.K. Rowling.  I nearly fainted.
  21. I have also met my other three bucket list authors: Neil Gaiman, John Green, and Jasper Fforde.
  22. Easter is my favorite holiday, followed by Christmas.  
  23. I’m obsessed with Shark Week (and sharks in general)

C’est moi.



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