What do I want this blog to do?

Educate.  Travel is knowledge, but the next best thing is reading.  Before a trip, I arm myself with information.  I studied abroad in England, but before leaving I spent hours looking for firsthand accounts and suggestions on what to expect, how much money to bring, where to visit, and what to pack.  I want to create a space that brings all the information necessary to a traveler into one place.  I give reasons as to why you should travel and use my expertise in studying in the United Kingdom to explain the process of planning and applying for a study away program, give accounts of my experiences, and provide travel tips. Whether you are interested in studying abroad, backpacking, or heading out for a vacation, I want this blog to both inform and inspire.

What do I want to do?

Teach- whether it is primary, secondary, university, or otherwise, I want to teach English (literature and writing).

Write- I want to write poetry, academic papers about language and literature, and about travel.

Read- All I have ever wanted to do is read great books.  You can check out my reading list here, or share yours with me here!


Where do I want to go?

Absolutely everywhere.  A few of my dream trips include:

Cairo, Greece, Iceland, the Amazon, Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, Romania, and Salzburg.


What do I want to accomplish?

Swimming with sharks

Assist with an archaeological dig

Publish a collection of poetry

See the aurora borealis

Drive to Alaska

Be a conservation volunteer

Travel somewhere new at least once every year

See a play at The Globe

Hike up Mount Vesuvius

American cross-country road trip

Inspire someone and act as a mentor

Go down the Amazon River

Audition for a musical or play

Meet J.K. Rowling again

Explore ancient Maya/Incan/Aztec ruins


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