About Me

 -Quirky and Quaint-


Hello!  Glad you stopped by!  I’m Bryanna, and I am the author of this blog.

If you have not yet guessed it, I love everything about travel.
I also love language.  Reading, writing, listening: the ability to communicate is fascinating.

I was born and raised in Western New York.  Never heard of it?  No worries, most people haven’t!  Smooshed between Buffalo (near the Canadian border) and Erie, PA, WNY is a fairly rural area.  So how did I come to love travel so much?
I think it started when I first watched the children’s show Madeline.  Or, maybe it happened earlier than that.  All I know is that I have wanted to hop a plane and explore new places since I was at least five years old.  I craved culture.

The opportunity to travel presented itself my junior year of university.  I was studying adolescent English education and creative writing, and I decided that enough was enough.  I was going to spend a semester abroad.  My campus study abroad office offered no help, and so I pored over websites and blogs and forums that were about studying in England (why England? mostly for the literary history, but I had other reasons as well).  I finally settled on a place, the University of East Anglia, then applied, was accepted, and bought my plane tickets.  My mother didn’t believe I was going until I showed her my ticket receipt.

I was hooked way before day one.  The experience of travel is not limited to actually being in a new place.  It’s the build up.  The hours you spend packing and repacking your suitcase.  The days you spend looking at photographs of the place you are going online.  The skipped heartbeats and surge of endorphins you feel when you begin to plan a journey.  Travel feeds on imagination.

Travel, to me, means taking chances.  It means opening your mind and embracing new experiences.  It means challenge.  It means growth.

Most importantly, it means discovery.

Explore. Dream. Discover. (Thanks for pinning this #Travel inspiration, @vikingriver)

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