Long Distance Love Story

The people you meet while abroad become more than friends; they become your family. These are the people you spend your time partying, studying, and relaxing with. These are the people who will support you and eat Chinese for breakfast with you. They will jump at the chance to go somewhere new, and will be the ones convincing you to do that thing you are just too afraid to try on your own. These will be the people you travel the world with and travel the world for.


Of Monsters and Men: UEA

Of Monsters and Men at UEA’s LCR, March 2013

I managed to snag a ticket last minute before the concert, so I was able to see OMAM live at the LCR! The show was absolutely incredible, and I now have the following issues:

I want to see them 30 more times.
I want to be Nanna’s best friend.
I want to be Arnar’s girlfriend.
I might end up being a groupie.

All in all, I would say it was a smashing good time 🙂