. Misconceptions:


These are not all the same thing.  The United Kingdom is a sovereign state that includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Great Britain is the “main” island, and includes three countries: Scotland, England, and Wales.  England is the largest country within both the state of United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain.

“British” accent

There is no “British” accent.  There are nine regional dialects in England: Southwest, Southeast, London, East, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, Northwest, and Northeast.  What’s in an accent anyways?


Sorry to disappoint, but “cheerio” is quite archaic and the English do not tend to actually use the phrase, nor do they normally say “spiffing,” “pip pip,” “fearfully,” “I say, old chap,” or “jolly good.”

Time for tea

Despite the 119,000,000+ cups of tea that have been consumed in England to date, there is no designated “tea time” in modern England.  Tea time is anytime that there is time! Now try saying that five times fast.

Bad teeth

This one is just outdated.  Picture the nineteenth century, a time that predates modern dentistry.   England is a driving force in world politics.  So, for years people are in the spotlight, and dental hygiene does not yet exist.  Get where I’m going?  An age old stereotype was born, when the reality of the situation is this: modern England is actually topping the charts for having the best teeth, with an average of just 0.6% of a tooth decaying per person.  How’s that for bad teeth?

London rain


England has gotten a bad rep for having bad weather and incessant rain, but the country actually enjoys a fairly pleasant climate, especially when compared to other parts of the world.   The United Kingdom lands spot #48 for total precipitation, lower than Australia, The United States, and Japan!

English food is bad

Even BBC is worked up about this one.  England has many culinary claims to fame, including the invention of the modern sandwich and chocolate bar, 158 Michelin-starred restaurants, and world renowned chef Jamie Oliver.  Also, despite popular belief, fish and chips is not the only (or even favorite) dish, nor is Yorkshire pudding.  It’s curry!

Warm beer

Select beers are indeed served warm, but the majority of English cider, lager, and ale is “best served cold.”

All hail the Queen!

No, not every Englishmen knows the Queen personally.  No, “God Save the Queen” is not England’s national anthem.  No, the Queen does not rule England (she is the symbolic head of the country, but not the actual leader).  Surprised?

“Wrong” side of the road

Driving on the left is not wrong, nor is it unique to England.  Australia, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan and India, and many other countries follow this practice.


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