Choosing A Uni

As an international student, your time abroad should be based on several factors: where you want to be located, how much money you are willing to spend, student life, academic credibility. This quick guide will help you get started with the difficult decision of choosing a university.


There are twelve regions in the UK to consider when selecting a place to study, nine of which are in England.  So start thinking: Do you want to be near the sea?  How close to London do you want to be?  Is England the country for you?


Most universities in the UK are extremely affordable, but prices for international or non-EU students can get pricey.  Just remember, since you are studying abroad it is likely your college (or a partner college) has an arrangement set up to decrease the cost.  For example, you might be required to pay tuition and fees to your home campus, and in return you pay housing to the school abroad.  Also keep in mind that there are dozens of scholarships designated for students who wish to study abroad.  Take advantage of any free money you can get your hands on!

Student Life:

Just like at your home university, you are going to want clubs to join and events to attend on campus.  If there is a society you are in and would like to continue while on your semester (or year) abroad, check the prospective school’s website to check they have the club you are interested in.  Or, better yet, join a new group!  There is no better time to try something new than while abroad.


One thing many students think about is the credibility and ranking of the university they are applying to.  This is when online research will really come in handy.  Sites like The Complete University Guide offer a comprehensive look into schools in the United Kingdom, providing information on everything from teacher-student ratios to how green the campus is.


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