Graze Boxes Galore

One of my friends introduced me to the marvelous world of graze boxes, a delicious (and cheap) lunch service that gets delivered directly to your door (or in my case, mail room).

I started worrying about the quality of the food I was eating about a year ago after taking an environmental chemistry class the ruined (or saved) my life forever.  After learning about the lack of regulations behind food and bottled beverages, and the increasing concerns about GMOs, I really began to wonder what was in my apparently heavily processed food.  I have been making the slow transition to eating healthier (meaning more organic and locally grown), and I thought that living in England would make that easier.  I was wrong.  Although the general quality of food is better (and probably less processed) than in the U.S., it has actually been extremely difficult to find foods without additives.  I’m sure if I went into a larger city or if it was harvest season it would not be as difficult, but it is hard to rationalize traveling out of the area just to go grocery shopping (remember I do not have access to a vehicle).

Enter Graze.  Like I said, my friend introduced me to the service.  She gave me a coupon with a code that I could enter in able to get a free box (and also a fifth free box if I chose to stick with the deliveries).  The normal cost of a box is £3.89, but delivery is free of charge.  Graze allows you to choose the foods you like, scrap the ones you are not a fan of, and try things you might not otherwise have sampled.  There are fruits, dips, crackers, desserts, teas, seeds, nuts, and more to choose from.  All the food is prepared outside of London, is recognized by the NHS as supporting the 5-a-day scheme, and includes no artificial preservatives or additives. Added bonus– with each box you get a page of coupons to give out to your friends, and if anyone joins Graze using your personalized code, you get £1.00 off a box or can donate the money to the Graze School of Farming.

So, to thank you all for reading and following me on my adventures through Europe, here is my free Graze gift to you!  Just log into , enter your details, and enter the code TW5VMVN to claim your free (and did I mention absolutely delicious??) box.

My personal favorites so far?  The Herb Garden, My Thai, Bonnie Wee Oatbakes, Summer Berry Compote, and Banoffee Pie.  Order, nibble, and enjoy! =]


One thought on “Graze Boxes Galore

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