Pub Crawl

A group of friends made a list of about 50 pubs in town they would like to visit over the next few months.  After zoning off areas in order to make the adventure more efficient, they chose a night to begin their goal.  This night ended up being one of the coldest since I’ve arrived.  The pub crawl (emphasis on CRAWL) started with me power walking down to the closest ATM at 5:45, (which is about 10-15 minutes away) and speeding back in order to meet the group at 6PM.  We then called for two taxi vans (there were about 15 of us, most of whom were Brazilian) and rode into the city.  Our first stop was to a pub called Adam and Eve.


This is apparently Norwich’s oldest pub.  It was very small, but homey and relaxing.  All fifteen of us were able to squeeze into the side room and enjoy our mulled wine and Strongbow cider in peace for nearly two hours (we got there quite early, so no one else was there but three old gents, one of which was sleeping).  After lazing about for a bit, we headed down the street to the next pub, the Wig and Pen.


The place was easy enough to find, but was very stand-offish.  The drinks and food were fairly expensive, the service was snobby, and the customers were mostly lawyers.  Plus, there wasn’t room for our group to stand or sit all together.  I ended up ordering a drink based solely on the fact that it was called Redhead, and spent the next twenty minutes trying to figure out whether it tasted good or not.  I decided not.  We were there for probably another hour after that, then finally got ready to go.


I should probably mention that the reason we were going so slow was because most of the Brazilians were not drinking, and therefore had no interest in what was going on.

We ended up making a pit stop at a pizza/kebob restaurant on our way to the next pub.  The place was hilariously awful, but my pizza was great.  The chairs had pictures of coffee cups on them, there were little disco balls fixed to the ceilings, and the lights were not turned fully on until we had nearly finished eating.  I liked it.

ImageWe finally got to our last destination, Delaney’s, at about 11PM.  The place was perfect.  The lights were down, music was playing, they had every drink you could possibly want (and spiced rum!, finally!), and people who were actually under the age of 60.  We stayed for a few hours, hanging out and drinking, then headed off for our taxi trip home.


Next time it will be warmer with less snow, and the Brazilians will be drinking.  Cheers!


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